Calibration Services and Solutions

EMS Particle Solutions is able to offer particle counter calibration in adherence with cleanroom standards
ISO-9001 and ISO-21501, both onsite at the client premises and at our purpose built calibration laboratory in Cambridge.

Both services provide a full URI (Universal Reference Instrument) calibration to the latest procedures aligning to the highest standard calibration performed at the manufacturer
PMS Inc.

Onsite particle counter calibration ensures our customers experience minimum disruption, our engineer will have an identical setup to our calibration laboratory enabling him to exactly
recreate the setup at the customers site. Instruments are only out of service for the time required to complete the calibration, no time is lost in shipping, all documentation to include calibration certificates and reports are given to the customer when the instrument is being reintroduced back into service.

Our calibration laboratory is controlled by cleanroom standard ISO-9001 and is audited by PMS US to ensure our procedures and Universal Reference Units are maintained at a high level. All particle counter calibrations completed by our laboratory or on the customer site can be traced back to the appropriate standard.

All our engineers regularly attend training with PMS as well as our own internal training program, to ensure all service members are competent in the latest procedures and methods recommended by the manufacturer.

EMS offer calibrations in compliance with the ISO-21501 standard

For more information on ISO cleanrooms standards and on our particle counter calibration service contact us via our contact form.