UltraChem® 100

Sensitivity range: 100 – 500 nm

The UltraChem® 100 Liquid Particle Counter gives you reliable contamination monitoring with the ability to detect the smallest particle possible.

If your application requires measuring small particles in chemicals with high molecular scatter, the UltraChem Liquid Particle Counter is the best tool for the job. NanoVision Technology eliminates the competition between the light scattered by fluid molecules and that from the particles.

Background and false counts are a thing of the past. The NanoVision Technology breakthrough ensures only information that matches a particle fingerprint is counted. This results in data you can act on with confidence. The UltraChem Liquid Particle Counter achieves this sensitivity in chemicals using a low-cost laser diode.

The proven long life of the diode enables a three-year warranty for maximum confidence in your particle counter.

Get the performance you demand from a particle counter you can trust.


  • Compatible with a wide-range of chemicals
  • 100nm sensitivity
  • Chemicals include: PGMEA, photoresist solvents, hydrogen fluoride (HF) and sulfuric acid
  • 3-year warranty
  • Solid state laser diode
  • Simple design
  • Online or batch sampling capabilities
  • Multiple communication protocols


  • Large sample volume for improved data quality
  • Adaptive technology makes the instrument immune to most optical contamination See what your particle counter sees
  • Measures small particles in a wide range of chemicals, including high molecular scattering fluids
  • Small footprint allows placement in various locations
  • Quick diagnostics and random distribution alerts you to a real particle event


  • DI water monitoring
  • Chemical distribution monitoring
  • Chemical quality assurance
  • Immersion lithography

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Product Type

Batch Sampler, In-line, Parts Cleanliness Testing




Chemical Distribution, Chemical Manufacturing, Parts Cleaning

Smallest Particle Size


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