SurCap Microbial Surface Detection Kit

SurCapt™ Microbial Surface Detection Kit

The SurCapt™ Microbial Surface Detection Kit is an all-inclusive, ready-to-use kit which simplifies and quickens the process of environmental surface testing for biological contamination. The kit uses GreenLight® Technology for the rapid detection of microbial activity on cleanroom surfaces and the design reduces the likelihood of sample cross-contamination and mishandling of samples by the operator.

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Product Description

The SurCapt Kit is intended to be used with the GreenLight automated reader. The reader’s internal LED sends light to the polymer sensor located in the kit vial and the optical system detects the decay of the fluorescence signal emission referring to the oxygen depletion over time due to the microorganism’s respiration. The system is flexible and allows either enumeration produced from an internal calibration, or a pass/fail test based on presence/absence of oxygen depletion over time. The reader software allows continuous measurements of oxygen depletion within the reader or endpoint measurements from externally incubated samples.

Benefits of SurCapt™ Microbial Surface Detection Kit


  • Achieve results typically within 24 hours
  • Increase sensitivity by maximizing recovery
  • Advanced test tracking and reliability
  • Easy-to-use automated reader with 21 CFR Part 11 compliance

Cost Saving

  • Easier disposal than agar plates
  • No extra costs and risks due to reagent dispensing
  • Reduces risks of false positives in aseptic production areas and related investigations 

Test Ready

  • Fully prepared and disposable
  • Minimizes operator handling
  • Eliminates unintended contamination
  • Each set of five samplers is triple-bagged and gamma irradiated
  • H2O2 – impermeable packaging

Reduced Operator Handling

  • Decreases time-consuming and operator dependent manipulations
  • Simplified standard operating procedures
  • Faster sampling steps
  • Easy lift-out interchangeable carousel

Download PDF SpecSheet

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