Particle College and Measuring Systems

EMS Particle Solutions has extensive experience and expertise with PMS technology. The systems, support and service for microbiological, particulate and facility monitoring are tantamount to quality, efficiency and sensitivity.

The environmental monitoring of aseptic and controlled research and production facilities requires continuous attention to process, personnel, regulation and innovation.

EMS Particle College is a 1 day educational seminar encompassing the fundamentals of:

  • Particle Counting
  • Traditional and real-time Microbial air sampling
  • Molecular Contamination
  • Facility Monitoring Systems
  • Their applications in controlled environments

Course topics include  (dependent on attendee represented industries)

  • Advanced Light Scattering
  • Advanced Liquid Particle Counting
  • Fundamentals of OPCs (Optical Particle Counters)
  • Introduction of Particle Monitoring in Liquids
  • Microbial Air Sampling Techniques & Regulations
  • Real-time microbiological active air monitoring
  • Molecular Contamination Monitoring
  • Monitoring particles in Air
  • Nanoparticles and their Measurement
  • Particle Counter Calibration
  • Particle Counter Data Interpretation
  • Particle Mechanics
  • Particle Physics
  • Pharmaceutical Liquid Particle Contamination Measurement
  • Particle Transport & Sampling Pharmaceutical legislative Requirements
  • Pharmaceutical Monitoring Applications & Design
  • Recent Advances in Liquid Particle Counting Technology
  • Surface Contamination


  • Cleanroom Certification & Products
  • Facility monitoring Systems
  • Liquid Particle Monitoring & Data Analysis
  • Microbial Contamination Monitoring techniques
  • Molecular Contamination Monitoring techniques
  • Liquid Sampling

On-site Particle College

For companies where there are several employees who would benefit from the Particle College, EMS offer on-site course options. This provides the additional benefit of having course material customised and site-specific training covering current, topical and site-related issues.

We will develop a program to cater to your applications, and experts in contamination monitoring will visit you at your location to deliver interactive presentations and hands-on demonstrations.

Please contact us to discuss our onsite Particle College options.



Please email for further information.

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