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EMS Particle Solutions are an industry leader in Cleanroom and Particle Monitoring Solutions in the UK.

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Cleanroom and Particle Monitoring Experts

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EMS’s dedication to customers, technology innovation, and continued professional education ensures our position as industry leader.

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The EMS calibration laboratories are regularly audited by NSAI and Particle Measuring Systems Inc, the global leader in microcontamination monitoring ensuring best practices are met.

Qualified Professionals

In order to provide the most up to date methodology, our engineers regularly attend overseas training courses/seminars organized by NEBB, IES, CETA and Cranfield University.
Ultra DI® 20 Plus

New Release

20 nm Liquid Particle Counter: Ultra DI® 20 Plus

Sensitivity range: 20 – 100 nm

Designed specifically for ultrapure water systems, the Ultra DI® 20 Liquid Particle Counter quickly obtains statistically meaningful data and will count and size contaminants as small as 20 nm. Consistency helps you get more out of your data, even if the instrument moves, so you have more control over your process. The Ultra DI 20 Liquid Particle Counter has a low zero count, large sample volume and high counting efficiency that provides benchmark particle detection.

About EMS Particle Solutions

Particle Counting Products & Software with EMS 

Our services include Cleanroom Validation, Calibrations (on and offsite), Equipment Sales and Hire. EMS’s customer focus approach ensures innovative solutions are always achieved.

Our Company offers the latest innovative range of PMS particle counters and environmental monitoring products in addition to end-to-end services including onsite calibration across a range of industries.

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Support Services

EMS Particle Solutions offer Full Service & Support Options across the UK


Fully integrated Microbial and non-viable Monitoring Systems


We’re equipped to replicate an in-house calibration at the customer’s site anywhere in the UK.

Equipment Rental / Leasing

Rental options for equipment on a short-term or project specific basis.


EMS provide Particulate Matter Monitoring Equipment for multiple industries

Pharmaceuticals / Life Sciences

EMS Particle Solutions offers a fully integrated Microbial and non-viable monitoring system integrated directly into the Fill line PLC & HMI and the site SCADA.

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Semiconductor / Microelectronics

Our UK team provide the required particle counting sensitivity for your process through using high-performance laser particle counters for essential continuous or batch monitoring.

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Aerospace & Defense

We serve the Aerospace and Defense industry by monitoring both particulate and environmental conditions. Ask us about range of Aerospace & Defense products.

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Research & Development

Having a continuously evolving product range allows us at EMS Particle Solutions to offer a unique focus on particle monitoring for your process.

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Food & Beverage

Continual process monitoring ensures the safe production of products for food and beverage consumers. Ask our UK team how we help to minimize contamination risk.

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Industrial Manufacturing

Our software products provide data collection and analysis for immediate process control ensuring maximum performance and efficiency.

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